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HappyHourScour- Daily Drink + Food Specials (iOS) is looking for testers

Part of the HappyHourScour- Daily Specials (Unreleased) testing family

HappyHourScour- Daily Drink + Food Specials (iOS), V 4

Developed by 1

The easiest way to find drink and food specials near you! (Currently 150+ cities across the United States and growing) We have over 20,000+ specials from 3,000+ establishments that are updated daily! Happy Hour Scour makes it easy to find Daily Drink and Food Deals offered by bars and restaurants near you. Try...
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Male & Female

17-99 years old

iOS 6.0 - 12.1.1 b

iPhone, iPad

United States

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  Available 7 November - 28 November